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Vehicular Art

Chopper Bicycle

When a young Morgan Elliot borrowed a welder to transform his $20 BMX bike into the coolest bike in town, his face cracked into a grin and he knew he’d found his calling. A few modified bikes later he decided to take it to the next level. So for his high school senior project he designed and built an entire bike by hand. Thus the Chopper was born.



When Laughing Alligator was started, one of the first goals was attending a show. The Builder’s Ball was selected, the premier New England show for the handmade works of art that people call bicycles. Not wanting to show up with only the Chopper, a second experimental hand-made bike was designed and built around some very large wheels. Behold, the Wadamoongo.



In a little shop in Los Angeles at 1 in the morning, Morgan, Yong Moon and Tuan finished making a set of flexible shape patterns of some old, yellow, fiberglass fender flares. But these weren’t just any flares - these were one of only two sets in North America, these were imported from Japan where they were used for decades on a particular, special race car. These were what Morgan had gone all the way to LA from Laughing Alligator HQ in New Hampshire to see, and to make patterns of. And the patterns were done, Laughing Alligator had the surface information of the coveted flares, and could now make the world’s first aluminum set.



Morgan bought the semi-abandoned antique Silverwing Interstate and took it apart. Then he sketched drawings and studied Chinese and learned to throw things away. Time to Begin arrived and the sparks flew. Laughing Alligator was making a custom motorcycle.


Sonnett Aero

When Stefan gave some Saab Sonett III bodies to Jonah, and Jonah offered them to Morgan along with the engine of a Saab 9000 Aero, Morgan made a frame and put the engine in the back and the body on top. More of a fun side project than a proper Laughing Alligator Design undertaking, yet it illustrates the four wheeled facet of Laughing Alligator nonetheless.

Fine art
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