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    We focus on the creation process above all, trusting that emphasizing the adventure of building by eye and by hand will manifest a beautiful and cohesive piece of art. By balancing the future goals of the organization with the desire to achieve those goals through exciting and interesting means, we foster experimentation and excellence. Ideally each element of a project comes into being through an artistic adventure, this way the completed piece breathes excitement from inception.


    Laughing Alligator Design takes inspiration for its name from Daniel Pinkwater, we greatly appreciate the support.

    Daniel Pinkwater’s Alan Mendelsohn, the Boy from Mars features briefly, yet significantly, a certain group of custom motorcycle riding musicians led by Clarence Yojimbo. These chaps are from Venus, and they’ve stopped in at the Bermuda Triangle Chilly Parlor. They are, as Mr. Pinkwater writes, “These good men are the last surviving members of the ancient Order of the Laughing Alligator.” 

    Keep an eye out for them, you never know when they might pop up, and if the guy in front of you in line orders a bowl of Green Death Chilly and gives his name to the person behind the counter and the name he gives is Clarence? Ask him to call Morgan, the alligator emblems he asked for are ready for pickup.

About the Name

    Laughing Alligator was first conceptualized by Morgan long before it became a handmade vehicular art organization. Inspired by Pinkwater novels and a dash of Hot Rod Magazine, the first version was a misspelled sign balanced above the garage door at his childhood home. But soon the bad spelling was pointed out and it was taken down. The chopper bicycle high school senior project came and went, and motorcycles were felt to be the next exciting step. But Morgan was in college and all that could be done was sketch design after design all over his homework. Then there was the Sonett Aero project, which was not really intended to be a Laughing Alligator project, but was fun, cheap and might get finished someday!

    Laughing Alligator Design was manifested as an arts organization when Morgan graduated from university and decided to build vehicular art. When Morgan finally had the time and resources to start the organization, rebuilding the chopper and making the Wadamoongo kicked things off. Now more projects are underway at the headquarters in Keene New Hampshire, and the adventure remains the most important thing.

Our Story

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