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What We Do

Make metal come to life


Motorcycle Design

Hands on from start to finish

Whether you want a race bike or an art bike, we can provide design, fabrication and coachbuilding to create your ultimate motorcycle. With an emphasis on aluminum, stainless steel and titanium, we can create an elegant machine that doesn't need to be covered up but shines in its own brilliance.

Harley Davidson Engine Building

The loudest pipes in the world

We designed and created the first and only conversion for the iconic Harley V-twin that removes over 2 dozen moving parts from the engine, and adds bonkers quad pipes, freeing untapped horses and creating the wildest motorcycle engine we could imagine. Send us your engine today for the ultimate transformation!

Alpha Fender_edited.jpg

Featherweight Coachbuilding


We are developing coachbuilt bodywork that uses aircraft materials and construction techniques to create extremely light panels that rival the best carbon parts and beat out many of the common examples. And no need to worry about longevity issues that come with carbon's brittleness, all while having parts that stand out among the finest machines out there. 

It's fully weightless is space!

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